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Nexxis Fantasy is looking for talented authors and artists to contribute to our next anthology.
Submission deadline is January 1st.

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Nexxis Fantasy Presents

Corporate Shadows:
A Sci Fi Anthology

Corporate Shadows is a Science Fiction anthology based around the theme of corporate deceit, espionage, manipulation, and putting profits above all else. The theme for this biannual anthology was inspired by the recent net neutrality rulings. We have selected 20 short stories we felt best fit the theme.

Nexxis Fantasy has a biannual anthology. Our goal is to publish an exquisite science fiction anthology filled with the greatest works from across the galaxy that fit a timely theme.

We're also happy to announce that all profits from the Corporate Shadows anthology will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation to fight for net neutrality and other civil liberties in the digital world.

Sci Fi Anthology
Release Date
Sept 31, 2018
$3.99 to $14.99